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Centerfire Ammunition For Sale

At R&R Arms, we have an extensive range of centerfire ammunition available for sale online to gun owners. With more than 100 varieties of centerfire ammunition, we can provide you with the right ammunition for your particular needs.

Whether you are focusing on target shooting or hunting, centerfire ammunition can be a great ammunition option. Centerfire ammunition tends to be more powerful and achieve higher velocities than the alternative, rimfire ammunition. Centerfire cartridges have a noticeable primer at the base of the cartridge, and the primer may even be replaceable. Centerfire cartridges can endure much higher levels of pressure than rimfire cartridges. This feature allows centerfire ammunition to achieve higher velocities and pack a bigger punch than rimfire cartridges.

If you are unsure about which ammunition to purchase, you can feel free to contact an R&R Arms expert. We are always happy to guide you towards the best centerfire ammunition for your needs.